Feb 082013

Ecstatic illumination

expressed as a mashup for noncommercial purposes. When once we were blind, now we can see. This is a PSA to infect you with AWE. Let resonate. By @ and @ jason_silva notthisbody – Follow us on Twitter! With “Welcome To Lunar Industries” by Clint Mansell. Buy on iTunes! INSPIRATION: The Imaginary Foundation says: “To understand is to perceive patterns” … Albert-László Barabási, author of LINKED, wants you to think about networks, “Networks are everywhere The brain is a network of nerve cells connected by axons, and cells themselves are networks of molecules connected by biochemical reactions Companies, too, .. networks of people linked by friendships, familial relationships and professional ties on a larger scale , food webs and ecosystems can be represented as networks of species invade networks and technologies … the Internet, power grids and transportation systems are just a few examples, even the language we use to express these thoughts to you is a network of words connected by syntactic relationships. “” For decades, we assumed that the components of such complex systems as the cell, the society or the Internet are connected together at random. In the last decade, an avalanche of research has shown that many real networks, irrespective of their age, function and scope, converge to similar architectures, a universality that allowed researchers from different disciplines to embrace the theory of networks as a common paradigm. Steven Johnson

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