Dec 172012

Video for my final project in the Teorias Comunicación with Professor Jimmy Torres This is a guess. In a way, how the digitization of media has taken place in our lives has changed the human civilization. The information is analog. Nobody goes to the library to find more information. Instead, they go to wikipedia, have a good idea of ??what information they need is about, and they need more depth, they consult the references. The microdigitalization resources allows the individual to have access to the information they need, no matter what its nature. The convergence of media has been revolutionized by the Internet. Newspaper, radio and television are gradually replaced by the ultimate outpost for all such media in such a way that it has reached a wider audience market in a fraction of time it took other. This is shown in the video viral DID YOU KNOW?, Who informs the rapid evolution in which we live, we live in exponential time. The amount of information is set each year the quantities produced in the past 5000 years. What does that mean? How to change the world of technology? People see technology as a trend, because it is a trend, but also an evolution of humanity as we know it. People do not use the information in the same way as before. We did not book smart. Instead, we are smart index. We use our brain as an index. We do not store large
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