Feb 172013

The DD News PICT (PICT-STM, Pune)

PICT School of Technology and Management (PICT-STM) is a part of the Society for Computer Technology and Research (SCTR), Pune. PICT-STM is set up as a model institute PG education. It is strongly focused on the industry, focusing on high quality education in business management. The new institute, PICTSTM, recently announced its maiden autonomous diploma graduate in Management (PGDM) program. It is a 2-year full-time PGDM program postgraduate with specialization in a single stream management student choice HR, Finance or Marketing. Explain the purpose of the program, Mr. RS Kothavale, the Trustee Officer of the Company said, “futuristic management education for new and old economy demands the integration of information literacy with technology expertise in business management. ” “Students PGDM Program will know the latest management strategies in banking, insurance, commerce, consumer goods, consumer durables and telecommunications and be able to develop an effective strategy technology and apply the IT dimension, an ability that employers are actively looking for today, “says Kumar Shrinivasan, Director of PICT-STM. Highlights of the course includes practical real-life projects, case studies and interactions with business and the growth of personality through guidance mentor PICT-STM calls that. Development of entrepreneurship and leadership are part of the course. The PGDM program six quarter also an intermediary company been …

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