Aug 302012

Please do not hesitate to download modify and change this video. Cyborg Buddha Project http Co-produced with Aaron Franz All content used in this video falls within the fair use policy of copyright in the United States law.All content is “transformed” and used for a purpose different from what it was originally created for. The exponential growth of technology is what defines the singularity. As technological changes occur at breakneck speed, so will human culture must change. Routine has always comforted humanity. We do not accept massive change easily. So what happens to the point where “progress” goes into overdrive? It is very likely that the huge technological gap will occur. With those who choose to adopt all of these transformative technologies and those who choose to remain human. “Transhumanists” will enjoy added new capabilities, and continue to seek to change themselves by upgrading until there’s very little left in them can be called human. Transhumanist ability to interact with computers through a form of direct brain interface quickly grow to become more preferred in the human population, it is party because of their greater ability to perform multiple tasks within a world based on the information at a pace that exceeds human capacity. 2 Show how we are led to accept radical change (media) The acceptance of a radical change is needed in the new paradigm esablishing next century. We are now at a time

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