Sep 222012

A beautiful tale ….

Four strangers together (Dustin Hampton, Alex Tongue, Ethan Cochard, Alex Limbach), having never skated together before and riding together close in a pack, having complete trust in each other. Alex Limbach makes a brief appearance, we could have captured more with him – in time. I tried something different in this video from my usual “clean” style. This video is raw, dirty, a little rough around the edges, almost all filmed with follow shots (I killed a pair of shoes). All editing is done in the course of action without respite. I had guys always come through somehow (convergence of action); skating in sync, so to speak. I was happy to try something different and push my skill level follow cam, and I learned a lot. I hope you enjoy. Adam C. ‘S and Riders thoughts on the video here, thanks to Camtrol ( for the new camera stabilizer. UPS SET – A big thank you to LBL Double Kick Penguin to connect. ETHAN COCHARD – LBL Double Kick Penguin – Trucks Paris – Durians 80a Otang DUSTIN HAMPTON – Comet Ethos Paris Trucks – Otang 83a stimulation ALEX LANGUAGE – Eastside Rocky Bomber – Randal trucks – Otang 86a stimulation / Rayne Killswitch – Aera Trucks – Otang 80a 4 Prez ALEX LIMBACH – Loaded Bhangra Flex 2, Paris Trucks, 86a Stimulus Otang
Video Rating: 4/5

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