Mar 012013

80th International Motor started and for the first time at a major auto show, the Chrysler brand has joined with Lancia, the two combined on a projection that overlap on a stand. The exhibition presents a puzzle theme, representing the union of two brands with two platforms puzzle piece highlights two Chrysler 300C on a piece and two Lancia Delta vehicles other. Chrysler 300C is equipped with two special edition models: 300C eco style, which was presented at the Detroit Auto Show in January 2010, and 300C design study. The exhibition space is designed to move away from more traditional media engine performance for a symbolic representation of the future convergence of both brands. The theme puzzle Chrysler believes this is because the union of Chrysler and Lancia go together perfectly, like two puzzle pieces that are now coupled to create an entirely new entity with limitless opportunities, and a shared vision of the DNA. Showing the best of what automotive history has produced on both sides of the ocean are the Chrysler and Lancia brands portfolio, is subject to a background graphic to huge puzzle pieces with last color and fashion. This imposing backdrop symbolizes the fusion of Chrysler and Lancia under the banner of shared values: from elegance to technological innovation, the story will shine in the future. The exhibition floors continues the puzzle theme, representing the union of

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