Sep 052012

a small clip showing a movie playing on my home cinema. I use two projectors each equipped with a filter from one of the eyes of a pair of RealD 3D glasses. (Bought at the cinema.) You mount the filters as if the projector is wearing the glasses. You also need a program that can read a blue-ray or DVD with a stereo movie on it. You can not just use a regular film. 3D can not be created from a single 2D film should not bother to ask … Update: I get a lot of video responses from people who try to reproduce this in different ways. I need to clarify a few points … 1. I use two projectors 2. Projectors are showing a different version of the film designed for tha eye their filter matches. 3. The source of the video is a blu-ray player with a 3D version of progressive film frame. This means that it contains two interlaced versions so it would play on a single projector or TV and you’ll need shutter glasses to view. 4. It was ment as a demonstration of the use at home. It shows that indeed the image seen through the filter of left and right is different. 5. The 3D motion was divided into two streams. One for each eye. 6. The application can also read the two streams is called Stereoscopic Player and the demo allows you to try it for 5 minutes each time you start it. 7. You need a big screen. A gray or white does not work as well as the light is absorbed and re-emitted. This destroys the polarization so that the mixture of images. I painted my screen on a MDF

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