Sep 072012

CM Storm Scout

unfolds, the true LAN Gaming Chassis. Year of mobility, security and convergence 20 technology in a rugged, portable mid-tower chassis. Cooler Master Storm Scout each ATX Mid-Tower Case Black is designed with Storm Tactics: a dedicated focus on strength, security and control. The Scout blends into the darkness with a black interior threatening enhance your internal hardware. An automotive tinted side window with dual fan exhaust brings efficient cooling with subtle transparency. A single button triggers stealth mode deactivating cooling fan LEDs. This perspective is complemented by secret internal innovative designs to swap CPU coolers without removing the motherboard. Inside, intelligent cable management maximizes space while supporting internal 2.5 “and 1.8” SSD bays. On top, a rugged steel reinforced handle allows the Cooler Master Storm Scout ATX Mid-Tower Case Black to be easily handled with one hand.
Video Rating: 4/5

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