Oct 102012

cold xD ok guys this is a video I made about 3 years ago xD I’m much better to do vids now. I do not hate bloom I do not want her to die ^ ^ and I know that ppl do not come back when their dead xD back on it is totally fanmade! this is just for fun :) so enjoy and above all have fun =) I’d be happy if you watch a vid new mine too – since it is kindda embarrassing xD songs: the first is stove – fall into the second is black evanescence – Breathe No More sorry youtube deleted the audios = (now the song is called “elements” not ^ ^ is now 12 Stones Stay Storry: bloom became evil and fight against the Winx girls Bloom Black is stronger. then others, but before she was able to destroy the winx, the startet a spell convergence and killed dark bloom., but with black flower, the right is dead also. within the second part, they weep about it. I own winx club

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