Oct 162012

PLAYLIST – www.youtube.com Name of Talk: Bugs, Bits and Engineering Bioforms: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Aired on C-Span May 24, 2010) on Monsanto board of directors …Dr. George Poste – Chief Scientist for the Complex Adaptive Systems Initiative – Arizona St. University Biology Computing within Engineering Moving from the Cold War metaphor “Easy to find, hard to kill” to today “Difficult to find, easy to kill” With the new Quadrennial defense review motto “Prepare defeat disruptive other nations” 3 principles 1. Technology is moving ever faster 2. Previously disparate fields of technology are converging 3. Capabilities of mastering the acceleration of that convergence is now more broadly invested in other economic centers of power ======================================== BIOSECURITY: – urbanization of developing countries – security of the food supply – security of the water supply “Do we have enough agility in our political structure, or it is so broken that we will not be able to have sufficient agility in our global governance mechanisms and global commerce to be able to mitigate those?” The Poverty of Imagination – “Zeitgeist” = the enduring theme of our time Also: Dr. Leonard Horowitz | CIA, Hollywood & Bioterrorism: www.youtube.com ======================================== The New Emerging Domains Developing from Technology Convergence: 1. Systems and Synthetic Biology – target things inside the body 2. Regenerative Medicine 3. Human Performance Optimization

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